January 27-28th, 2024
Montpellier, please don’t organize anything these dates ! <3 (McFly you’ll always be welcomed in your hometown)


For the ones who don’t know, we ask all the teams to bring a gift (we encourage home made gift or something local, something nice, please think of something cool BEFORE coming to the tournament). On saturday night, using the ranking of the first day (First team first, then 2nd, 3rd and so on till the last team) all the teams will choose a gift from the gifts table (pack them well so it is a surprise !). We can’t stress this enough: bring something nice the team can share and potentially bring home.


On this page (2nd round) (Wednesday, 6th December 2023 and Wednesday, 13th December 2023 at 12h00 GMT+1)

This year, we’ll change something : it’s 2023, it’s way passed time for us to be more inclusive, to try and do so, there will be 2 registrations sessions.

The first one (Wednesday, 6th December 2023) will be reserved to the teams with at least one FLINTA and/or NON-WHITE player in it. There will be 4 slots available for these registrations. And then, a second registrations session (Wednesday, 12th December 2023) for every team. Yes, if you missed the first round, you’ll still have a chance to get the 2nd one. Like the previous editions, it will be a form to fill and first registered, first served for both sessions. Both registration sessions will happen on rouenbikepolo.com.

Let us know (on poloverse only please so we can help everyone) if you have any question.

Stay tuned <3